Re-Animator the Musical is back for a limited 4 week run starting October 10th to November 2nd!
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"RE-ANIMATOR™ THE MUSICAL" based on the award-winning "H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator" film, stars George Wendt along with the original cast from the smash hit run at The Steve Allen Theatre and directed by Stuart Gordon.

The original cast is back: George Wendt, best known as the affable Norm from "Cheers" is once again playing the Dean of the Medical School who West transforms into a mindless zombie. Chris L. McKenna, the star of Gordon’s neo-noir thriller "King of the Ants" is Dan Cain, Herbert’s hapless roommate who finds himself drawn into the mayhem. And operatic Jesse Merlin, who played the President of the United States in the long running "The Beastly Bombing" is Dr. Carl Hill who loses his head for Meg, the dean’s beautiful daughter, played by vivacious Rachel Avery of "Big Love", only to actually lose it at the hands of Herbert West. Rounding out the cast (in alphabetical order) are Mark Beltzman, Cynthia Carle, Brian Gillespie, Marlon Grace, Liesel Hanson, Richardson Jones and Graham Skipper as Herbert West. Not to mention, the special effects are being done by the same guys who did them for the 1985 movie!

The blood will flow so freely that the first rows are designated as the "splash zone." Needless to say, the show is not for small children.

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